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The Truth About Jewelry Apprasials

Apprasials in the jewelry industry are often given values of approximately 100% above retail. These appraisals are inflated, and do not represent the actual value of the jewelry. Jewelry stores will often provide you with appraisals at double the sale price. For example if the sale price is $5,000 the apprasial will be for $10,000 that they supply you with. Buying at half of the appraised value, what a great value! You must be making a profit of $5,000! Of course not, if the value really is double why are they selling it for half price? 

Many Jewelers use this tactic as a sales tool giving the buyer a false sense of value.
You will never be able to sell your Jewelry for its apprasied value. Be realistic when selling your Jewelry and keep in mind the amount you actually paid for the item and not its appraised value.